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Zhongman Petroleum and Natural Gas Group Corp.Ltd.(ZPEC) is committed to achieve regulatory compliances of all international and domestic legislative requirements and follow the industry standards, operation technologies and practices to the best possible. ZPEC is dedicated to deliver quality products and service excellences to our oil-gas industrial clients sustainably and pursue the goal of Zero Accident to our employee, asset and the environment by implementing an integrated management system. ZPEC is committed to:

  • Continuously implement and improve our QHSE and SMS systems 
  • Provide adequate QHSE and SMS trainings to raise QHSE and SMS awareness and maintain high level competences 
  • Ensure safe and healthy working environment and provide certified Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to employees 
  • Empower our employee to stop any operation if he or she believes there is a dangerous situation 
  • Implement effective procedures and communicating mechanism for identification, assessment and mitigation of operational risks
  • Environmental protection and sustainable production
  • Continuously implement and practice emergency response plan to avoid accident escalations and minimize the losses
  • Promote a culture to encourage incident reporting. Investigate and learn from it in order to prevent the recurrence 

QHSE Policy & Philosophy

  • ZPEC adheres to management approaches that highlight "Safety first Prevention is fundamental; Respect the Nature, Care for the Environment". It adopts SMS/QHSE systematic management that emphasizes ongoing improvements in safety management systems and implementation outcomes. It was through imposing effective risk control measures, thought audit into and management of latent risks that sees fewer and fewer occurrences of incidents year after year. This is a testament to an accomplished enhancement in our overall safety management standards.

QHSE Policy:

  • Safety first: focus on prevention and maintain comprehensive management
  • People-oriented: caring about health and safety, cherishing life
  • Protect the environment: enhance efficiency, conserve energy, pursue green development
  • Quality is fundamental: keep tools and equipment well-maintained and in good condition
  • ZPEC's good reputation is paramount

QHSE Philosophy:

  • Our employees are ZPEC's utmost and most precious resource
  • Development shall never be at the expense of safety and of the environment
  • All accidents are preventable
  • ZPEC is dedicated to providing high-quality services and products to our clients
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