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uefa欧洲杯官网:ZPEC and Shanghai Jiaotong University Cooperate in New R&D of Oilfield Material

On March 17th, a team of ZPEC experts hosted a meeting with Mr. Xuesong Jiang and his team on R&D of Oilfield Chemical Technology. Mr. Xuesong Jiang is the Research and Doctoral Supervisor of Shanghai Jiaotong University. Both parties reached a consensus on practical application of oilfield chemicals, innovation, achievement transformation, landing of polymers, and other R&D materials.

Mr. Xinzhou Lu, Vice President of ZPEC and GM of ZPEC Drilling Services Company, gave a brief introduction of ZPEC’s development and technological innovation to Mr. Xuesong Jiang’s team, as well as the next technical cooperation demand for oilfield chemicals. He emphasized that the cooperation between the two could have significant impacts on both parties resulting in broad prospects. He hoped the cooperation would bring new vitality into the company’s development and achieve a win-win situation between the school and enterprise.

Mr. Xuesong Jiang said the Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology of Shanghai Jiaotong University has unique advantages in the field of chemical polymer basic research, while ZPEC has its own oilfields, drilling, and drilling services teams, as well as rich oilfield operational experience. He said both parties could take advantage of each other, test and apply new scientific research during drilling operations, and quickly push them into the market to produce profits. He hoped each party would give full play to their respective advantages and reach a deep cooperation among industry, university, and research.

The experts of both teams fully discussed high-efficiency leak plugging agents, environmental protection lubricants, high-efficiency inhibitors, speed-up agents, and other high-molecular chemical applications. The cooperative R&D test samples were handed over to ZPEC for the functional verification to be carried out in ZPEC’s labs, thus laying the foundation for future organized trial production, underground field tests, and final production.


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