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uefa欧洲杯官网:Finished Customs Clearance and Transportation, ZPEC Drilling Rigs for Saudi Aramco Project Successfu

On July 1st, without fear of the epidemic and high temperatures, ZPEC’s last vehicle of equipment and materials for Saudi Aramco Drilling Project safely arrived at the designated base, marking the smooth completion of customs clearance and transportation and laying the foundation for the drilling spud.

On June 21st, after nearly a month of long-distance sea transportation, a total of 161 pieces of drilling equipment and materials, weighing 2,172.46 tons, arrived at the port of Dammam, Saudi Arabia. The cargo was unloaded from the vessel on June 26th and then loaded and transferred to the designated base. Under conditions of a tight construction period and high difficulties, the overseas soldiers of ZPEC were not afraid of the heat and challenges.  They actively leveraged their advantages in the integration of drilling and equipment, and completed the transportation, loading and unloading tasks safely and efficiently. During the period, Mr. Liu Yunyi, General Manager of ZPEC Saudi Arabia, asked everyone to strictly implement Saudi Aramco's safety standards, do a good job in safety supervision and equipment set-up, speed up the process, and pass Aramco's inspection as soon as possible.

ZPEC Saudi Arabia Mr. Ma Xuezhong



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