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uefa欧洲杯官网:ZPEC Iraq Zhenhua Turnkey Drilling Project Successfully Concluded

At midnight on July 15th, 2021, Iraq time, Well EBSH-3, the last well drilled by ZPEC Rig 23 in the Zhenhua Project, was completed, thus marking the successful conclusion of the turnkey drilling  project in Iraq’s Dongba Block. While praised by Party A, ZPEC also accumulated valuable experience for the operation of new projects there in the future.


Since its start in June 2019, ZPEC’s two drilling teams have delivered a total of 6 wells with a cumulative footage of 20,911 meters, demonstrating the technical strength and brand advantage of ZPEC Drilling. Iraqs Dongba Block has little offsite well data, various typeof wells, and requires many horizontal sections, thus presenting great challenges during drilling and completion operations. With the unremitting efforts of PMC and ZPEC’s Technical Engineering Department, a coordinated, step-by-step approach was taken to gradually figure out the geological characteristics of the block. Through continuous optimization of drilling operations and mud technical measures, the complexity of the salt-gypsum layer in the second section and the lost circulation in the forth section was overcome one by one.  Each well was successfully completed, which was highly recognized and commended by Party AZhenhua Petroleum.


This year, while the COVID 19 epidemic in Iraq is still raging, the ZPEC Zhenhua Project Team has overcome difficulties and achieved rapid start-up and resumption of operations. During the period, with the hard work of the teams, sufficient preparationand close cooperation, the drilling started smoothly. Among them, the Drilling Fluid Team solved the problems of scattered equipment disassembly, various types of materials, and a large on-site workload. It relocated safely and smoothly from S1 block to S2 block over a long distance, achieving both epidemic prevention and control and on-site operations.

(Mr. Liu Ruizeng Mr. Han Lihui)



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