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uefa欧洲杯官网:UGV Praises and Thanks ZPEC Equipment Group for Excellent Performance

On July 21, 2021, good news came from Poltava, Ukraine. With the expiration of the warranty period and the completion of the service work of 5 sets of 650 Workover Rigs sold by Zhongman Equipment Group to the Ukrainian Oil Company UGV, UGV sent a special Thank You Letter praising the high-quality products and thoughtful after-sales service provided by ZPEC to overcome the impact of the epidemic.

The letter said: "The products of ZPEC are of good quality and the service personnel are skilled and dedicated to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and on-site production. There have been no down hole accidents. You are a good partner."

The 5 sets of 650 Workover Rigs arrived in Poltava, Ukraine on December 20, 2019. The 11 after-sales personnel who immediately went to the site had to overcome the difficulties of poor working environment, lack of tools, and poor communication in the ice and snow of minus 26 degrees.  They carefully organized the installation, performed the modification and debugging, and assistethe drilling team to pass the drilling acceptance in April 2020. In the follow-up drilling services, two groups of after-sales personnel then had to overcome obstacles such as the outbreak of the COVID 19 epidemic, bad weather, difficult environmentand poor language communication to help UGV's on-site personnel with the equipment installation, operationand maintenance in a timely manner. When there was a problem, ZPEC Equipment people rushed to the well site to deal with and to solve the problem, which provided a strong guarantee for UGV’s drilling operation.

Athe end of 2018, Zhongman Equipment Group signed an equipment manufacturing contract worth 143 million yuan ($21.9M USD) with UGV, a subsidiary of the Ukrainian National Petroleum and Natural Gas Group (Naftogaz). ZPEC Equipment Group tailored these workover rigs based on the users on-site operations, having the characteristics of fast transportation, high degree of integration, and strong environmental adaptability.

(Mr. Zhu Jiyong Mr. Wang Xiaohong)


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